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Benefits of using Selenite Crystal

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Harmonizes and clears space, giving it spirituality and attracting divine emanations to earthly life. This is an especially

useful tool for those who meditate. During meditation it can help you gain insight into unsolved problems and find

answers to existential questions. As you hold the stick of selenite in front of you and take calm and deep breaths, you

will experience spiritual transformation and emotional alchemy. Selenite can be used as a medium for thoughts. All

you need to do is formulate your thought (make sure that you start in a completely peaceful state of mind) and place

the selenite on the 6th chakra. Your thought will travel to and touch the person or group of people it was addressed

to. Selenite also promotes an intuitive understanding of self, helping you sense what is ailing you and discover the

root causes of those ailments

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