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The BLUE BUTTERFLY PEA (Clitoria bracteata) flower is also known as the blue butterfly pea or, simply, blue Thaitea.The tea’s blue hue is produced by the anthocyanins found in the flower bud. Anthocyanins are organic dyes that haveno harmful effect on the human body.The tea is full of polyphenols and essential trace elements such as iron, phosphorus, manganese and zinc. Inaddition to this, blue tea is a great source of all the B group vitamins.Promotes hair and nail growth as well as skin regeneration. Cleanses the eyes and promotes gradual improvement ofsight, reducing glaucoma and cataract symptoms.Improves memory and blood circulation in the brain, helps to relieve insomnia.Has a calming effect on the nervous system and relaxes the mind.


SKU: 0009
30 Grams
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