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Palo Santo
Translated from Spanish, palo santo means "sacred tree". It’s a memorable-smelling incense that’s hard to mix with anything once you smell it. They have long been used in various spiritual rituals and practices, meditations. Palo santo smoke has a strong cleaning power. It purifies the vibrations of space, dispels the energy of anger, aggression, sadness, creates a positive environment, relaxes, strengthens and protects. It is also traditionally used to relieve various ailments (colds, flu, stress, depression, headaches, various inflammations, etc.), helps to protect against blood-sucking insects.
It must go a long way before palo santo becomes fragrant smoke.  It lies immobile for up to 10 years, and its core matures its special aroma at that time. Only then is it shredded, processed and usable.

Smudge Stick PALO SANTO

SKU: 0005
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