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Selenite Crystal- It harmonizes and clarifies the environment, gives it spirituality, and attracts divine emanations (spreading) to the earthly being. Especially useful tool for meditators. With the help of this crystal, through meditations it is possible to see solutions to unresolved problems, to get answers to existential questions. Holding a selenite rod in front of him and breathing calmly deeply, spiritual transformations, an alchemy of emotions take place. Selenite can be used as a conductor in thoughts. All you have to do is formulate the necessary thought (after completely calming the mind) and put selenite on the 6 chakras. The thought will move away and touch the person or collective to whom it was addressed. Selenite also promotes intuitive self-esteem, helps to understand their diseases, to discover their causes.

Crystal Wand SELENITE

SKU: 0008
  • 5cm

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