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"LOVE - is the highest frequency you can vibrate
in and the highest state of consciousness. In the
pure frequency of love there is gratitude creation, happiness and oneness.  Love is all - all is You."

If you’ve visiting  this page and are reading these lines, I’m sure it’s not just a coincidence. You were probably brought here by the same magical power that invited me to a journey of the most amazing discoveries ...


Let's meet: I am Aistė. A seeker and creator who wholeheartedly desires to combine what I find best and sincerely share all that greatness with everyone, who is ready to accept it.


One of the special discoveries of my life is incense, which captivated me at the awareness exhibition in London.

They guided me to take a different turn in my life. So I sold  the beauty business and immersed myself in the magical world of scents. 


These incense is a divine discovery to me. Together with my husband we called them "Divine.Senses". I intuitively chose the name with the symbol of Sri yantra, which for me is a sign of perfect harmony, balance between masculine and feminine energy, a combination of wholeness. The green color is also not random. It is the color of the heart chakra (center of absolute love).


One of the main reasons for their energy they vibrate is the way they are made. Incense are created according to an ancient, nowadays rare Vedic technology and dried naturally in the sun. Every stick is touched with love. That energy of love comes to and from me as well, with the intention of spreading further and harmonizing everything around.

It is important that you experience the touch of incense aroma yourself and feel what you need most at that time: strength, energy, sensitivity or love ... 


These  amazing scents  led me to get to know myself better and to go down to deeper searches, to more subtle levels. I felt that the aroma of incense interacted with the sounds of Tibetan bowls, crystals, intuitive healing touch, wonderfully balances body and soul, improves well-being and health. So I combined all of this into the harmonising therapy. 


For some time now, I have been organizing individual sessions and group meditations, each of which can take what you need most: rest from external and internal noise , regain strength, soothe the pain of the soul or body, and maybe even get answers to important life questions ...


Further journey leads me to thrilling world of new possibilities. I am happily and passionately sharing all of my new revelations: healthy teas, energy cleansing kits, aromatherapy candles, harmonizing crystals...

All of that I believe is needed for a pure and true connection between mind, body and soul.



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