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Smudging ritual

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

The ritual starts by lighting up three white candles. Allow the vibrant flame to surround your home.

Immerse yourself into the light and warmth of the candles while focusing your energy to the center of the heart.

While expressing your gratitude, ask the flame to cleanse the space.

You should then free yourself and, purely by using your intuition, choose the right incent- sage or palo santo stick. This should then be light up by using a candle.

Allow the smoke to spread and make its’ way across the space. Take deep breaths and inhale it, circle it around your body 3 times whilst focusing on the areas which require a cleanse.

Follow the journey it is taking you on, explore the areas which have built up energy.

While performing the cleanse, visualize energy vortex which, along with the incense, is purifying the space.

Few helpful tips:

· Prior performing incense ritual, look through your belonging to make sure there are no belongings which would exude negative or toxic energy.

· If you struggle to feel the areas of negative energy, start the cleanse from the corners. You should start with the corner on the right and make your way clockwise to end it at the center of the room.

· Follow your senses. If you feel a desire to stay in a particular place longer- allow incense to guide you through.

· Dip the sage in abalone shell. This way you will connect the 4 elements. The shell symbolizes water, sage-earth, the light up of the incense – fire and the smoke rising up- air element. By reuniting all of them , you will also increase the strength of the ritual itself.

· As you are nearing the end of the ritual, do not rush to put the incense out. Leave it on the burner to finish naturally.

· Open up the windows for negative energy to leave the space.

· Sage and palo santo sticks can also be used to cleanse persons energy field or any personal belongings such as jewelry.

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